Public Works

The Public Works Department's purpose is to provide services that ensure efficiency and excellence in all departmental operations; attain a total commitment to constantly improve our street network and infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient utilization and appearance throughout our community; promote a customer based utility services program that exceeds customer concepts, while providing a clean environment and reliable service; support all city operations by maintaining equipment in a safe, reliable and cost effective manner by minimizing major repairs.

Public Works is responsible for street, park and vehicle maintenance and repair. These activities are funded through the General Fund. The Public Works Department is also responsible for Bethany's solid waste, water and sewer water utilities. These activities are funded through the Bethany Public Works Authority Fund.

Current Water Rationing Level: 
 By recommendation of the City Engineer, City of Bethany is able to move to Stage 1 water rationing.
 Stage 1 is defined as:
  - Addresses ending in odd numbers may water on odd numbered days.
  - Addresses ending in even numbers may water on even numbered days.

 This is our default stage, and we will stay at this stage until more extensive conservation efforts are needed. The City of Bethany appreciates the patience and understanding of our citizens to conserve water.


Bethany Water Tower

Helpful Resources 

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