Community Profile

To be Central Oklahoma’s hometown – known for its humor – with strong families, thriving businesses, a vibrant community. A great place to live, work and play. 

Summer Landscape
Community Snapshot
City Size: 5.2 sq miles
2015 Population: 19,748
Household Count: 7,639
Median Age: 35.2
Median HH Income: $42,644
Median Family Income: $54,913
Mean Family Income: $63,957
Per Capita Income: $21,070
Median Home Value: $119,188
Median Owner Cost (mortgage): $1,104 mo.
Percentage Housing Owner Occupied: 56.6%
Population Density: 3,897 ppl per sq mile 
Business Look
Major Employers: The Children's Center
                             Southern Nazarene University
                             Southwestern Christian University

Number of Businesses: 1,450
Total Retail Sales Potential: $116.2M
Total Retail Sales per Capita: $4.3M
City Sales Tax: 4%
State Sales Tax: 4.5%

2016 Building Permits: $33.5M
Typical Employee Commute: 19 minutes