Leaf Pick Up


Leaf season is upon us! 

As you rake your leaves this year, the City of Bethany is offering several options for disposing of your bagged leaves.
1. Bagged leaves can be placed in your poly cart for regular trash pickup. Additional poly carts can be requested for $2.50 for the first additional cart and $7.50 for the second additional cart.
2. Seasonal carts can be requested for a minimum of 3 months. Seasonal carts are $7.50 per cart, per month. Requests for seasonal carts can be done by filling out the seasonal cart form, which is available here or at Customer Service in City Hall.
3. Additional poly cart pick up service can be requested for $5 per additional pickup. The $5 fee covers all city issued poly carts assigned to the customer's address. This can be done by calling Public Works to schedule a pick up at 789-6285.
4. Any items that do not fit in a poly cart can be picked up for bulk pickup. There is a minimum fee of $25 for up to 4 cubic yards. Each additional cubic yard is $7 thereafter.
5. Bags of leaves can be placed in the available roll off dumpsters located at the Public Works yard, located at 5300 N Central Rd, between the hours of 7am and 3pm, Monday through Friday. Drop off cost varies based on volume. A level pickup truck load is $15, over bed height under truck cab height is $20 and if the load is over cab height, $25. Trailer loads are measured by the cubic yard and charged $7 per cubic yard. 

The 2020 Big Trash dates are as follows:
January 6-17
April 20- May 1
July 13-24
October 12-24