Stage 4 Water Rationing Implemented

JUNE 30, 2022

Bethany citizens have not been responsive to Stage 2 water rationing. Therefore, our booster pumps are unable to keep up with demand. Because of the critical water situation, the City of Bethany is moving to Stage 4 water rationing for one week while our boosters have a chance to regain capacity. Only hand watering of gardens and flower beds is acceptable. Commercial car washes with water recycling operations are permitted.

This water schedule pertains to ALL outdoor watering including grass, flower beds and gardens and any other outside water usage. Citizens can still hand water gardens, flower beds, shrubs, and trees.

The City of Bethany is working diligently to keep up with the usage of water. Despite the rainfall we received previous months, the City’s water comes from wells. Because of this, rainfall amounts don’t impact our city’s water levels as it would in a reservoir system. The availability of water is not a critical issue; however, the capacity of our pumps is. In short, water levels are fine, but our pumps and boosters cannot keep up with the demand.

The city can open the water connection with Oklahoma City for the purchase of water. Purchasing water from OKC can be as much as 3X the cost of what our citizens currently pay. To control the amount of water purchased and the cost to our citizens, it is important that we continue our conservation efforts.

Exceptions to this order include those who have an alternative water source, such as a private well. If within the last 30 days you have newly planted hydro mulch, grass sod, grass seed and shrubs or trees, you may hand water these during this time.

Section 52.1(D) of the City of Bethany ordinances states that any person who in any manner violates or permits others under his or her supervision, custody, or control to violate any terms of an order restricting the use of water issued pursuant to this section shall be guilty of an offense. You can find the ordinance here:

We will evaluate our water levels after one week of Stage 4 rationing. If we have returned to a safe capacity in relation to our usage, our rationing will be changed accordingly. Please watch our social media, website, and Cox Channel 20 for the most up to date information. Please kindly help your neighbors by spreading the word.

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