Adopt-A-Street & Adopt-A-Spot

Adopt-A-Street & Adopt-A-Spot
In response to requests from individuals, businesses, and community organizations alike the City of Bethany is proud to announce that groups may now adopt a portion of streets, parks, creeks, and other public areas within the City of Bethany. This partnership between the city and its residents is a powerful move towards keeping Bethany not only beautiful, but healthy and clean.

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What exactly are these programs?
Businesses, community groups, and neighborhoods can be a part of protecting and preserving Bethany. The Adopt-A-Street program allows volunteer groups to care for stretches of Bethany’s streets by picking up litter, debris, and trash along their respective roadways. Adopt-A-Spot works in much the same way, but looks at cleaning up our parks, waterways, and other public spaces.

How does this benefit Bethany?
Removing litter and debris from Bethany’s streets helps in more ways than you know. For starter’s it helps keep our city beautiful and clean, showcasing that Bethany is truly the place to be in the metro area. Not only does it keep our city beautiful, but it keeps it healthy too! By removing debris and litter, we can better protect our stormwater system, which keeps them working effectively and the water that leaves Bethany as clean as possible.

How do we do it?
Organizations and groups can adopt ½ of a street, median, or spot for a two-year period, with at least three clean-up days per year.  Adopters will need to coordinate with public works prior to beginning their respective projects.  The City of Bethany will coordinate the pick-up of collected debris and will award groups or individuals involved with a sign of recognition on behalf of the Community Development department.

To apply to either adopt a street or a spot in the City of Bethany, please find the application attached at the bottom of this page.  For any questions and additional information, please contact the Community Development department.

Safety Notice
Volunteers under the age of 18 may participate with the approval and signature of a parent or guardian and under supervision.


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