Severe Weather Preparedness

We encourage all of our residents to create an emergency plan to prepare for severe weather. This plan should be in place well before severe weather threatens and every family member should be familiar with the plan. For tips on what to include in your plan, please visit one of the websites below:
Storm Shelter Registration
The City of Bethany asks residents to register their storm shelter with us. All information you provide will be used by first responders --- police, fire, and emergency medical service -- to help with emergency response, in the event your home or neighborhood are affected by a tornado or other disaster.

If your home has a storm shelter, contact the Bethany Fire Department at:
(405) 789-2218 
Stay Safe and Stay Aware!

Public Storm Shelters

The City of Bethany does not have public shelters.
 The Central Oklahoma Emergency Management Association recommends sheltering in place during tornado warnings. Please take shelter where you are, inside your home, workplace or a nearby building. If you live in a mobile or  manufactured home, it is particularly important to have a disaster plan to seek shelter in a well-constructed nearby building or shelter.

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