Bethany City Council 2021 Election

February 9, 2021 will be the primary election for the nomination and election of Councilmembers for the City of Bethany. One seat is open for each ward and the seat for Mayor at large is open too. Councilmembers and the Mayor are elected for a four (4) year term.

There will also be a special election on February 9, 2021 for one council seat for Ward 4. This is to fill a vacant position for a term expiring in 2023.

Here are the candidates who are running for office:
Nikki Phipps
K.P. Westmoreland
Councilmember for Ward 1
Chris Powell
Greg Shirey
Councilmember for Ward 2
Steve Palmer
Councilmember for Ward 3
Tom Edwards
Marilyn McPhail
Councilmember for Ward 4
Jeff Knapp 

For more information, review the two resolutions for election below. Also, visit OK Voter Portal to find your polling location and to learn more about voting. 
Resolution No. 1607 - Primary Election for Mayor and Councilmembers
Resolution No. 1608 - Primary Election for Ward 4 Vacancy


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