Burn Permit

Please note that you must contact the Bethany Fire Department to schedule an inspection prior to any permits being issued. A permit to burn is granted under the following conditions:

1. Burning shall not be conducted at times when the wind speed exceeds, or is expected to exceed ten (10) M.P.H. The humidity must be greater than 30% and the temperature less than 98 degrees F.

2. No combustible or flammable materials shall be located within thirty (30) feet of the burn area. This includes all structures.

3. The area over the burn pile shall be free of electrical lines, tree limbs or other obstructions.

4. At all times, while burning is being conducted, a responsible person shall be in attendance at the burn pile.

5. A garden hose connected to a reliable water source shall be within thirty (30) feet of the burn pile.

6. The area around the burn pile shall be wet down before ignition and kept wet during the burning process.

7. Material to be burned will consist of only limbs and brush. No building materials or materials containing hydrocarbons (plastics, etc.) or petroleum products (tires, tar paper etc.) shall be burned or used to accelerate the burning.

8. Material to be burned must be kept in a small pile (no larger than 25 square feet or 5' x 5' in area and 3' in height) and added to until burning is finished.

9. Material to be burned shall cease being added to far enough in advance of dark to allow the fire to burn down before the sun sets. The area shall not be left unattended as long as burning is taking place.

10. The residue will be watered down and extinguished before leaving pile unattended.

11. Should conditions warrant and/or the fire gets out of control, the BETHANY FIRE DEPARTMENT shall be notified immediately by dialing 9-1-1 or 789-1411.

12. The holder of this permit assumes full responsibility for any and all liability that may result from any aspect of the burning process conducted within the confines of this approval.

13. This permit shall be kept available at the burning site at all times.

14. Burn permits are issued for the (1) day only and are not for subsequent days.

15. Burn permit fee is $75.00.

Checks are to be made out to City of Bethany:

3919 N. Rockwell Avenue
Bethany, Oklahoma 73008
(405) 789-2218



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