Bethany Fire & Rescue

About Bethany Fire & Rescue

Bethany Fire & Rescue is made up of of highly trained personnel ready to protect Bethany through firefighting, rescue and support to emergency medical services. Our mission is to provide the citizens of Bethany with the highest quality services possible through proactive prevention practices, community education programs and rapid intervention when necessary.
We are dedicated to maintaining a well trained, motivated crew with a common mission. We strive to operate in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, all while maintaining the highest level of safety to our citizens.

The fire station is located at 3919 N Rockwell. Built in 1964, the design won a prestigious award from the American Institute of Steel Construction. The station was funded through a bond issue, passed by the citizens and cost approximately $115,000 to build.

Bethany Fire and Rescue began as a volunteer fire department in December 1926, and operated on a fully or partially volunteer basis until 1969. To read more about Bethany Fire & Rescue's history, click here.

Today, the men of the Bethany Fire Department provide the best and most current level of emergency medical care and firefighting skills to aid our citizens and community partners in their times of need. The department currently responds to roughly 3,200 calls throughout the year, serving our community day and night.

In this ever-changing world we live in, firefighters must be prepared to respond to emergencies that were unheard of in years' past. The Bethany Fire Department is prepared to respond to a wide range of calls from a simple public assist to a weapon of mass destruction incident. Bethany Fire is a well-trained, fully equipped, fully paid professional department. We have one station that houses one Ladder Truck, one Engine, one Reserve Engine, on Brush Truck and three command vehicles.
Approximately 20,000 live in the City of Bethany and most of them will need our assistance in some way at some point in time. BFD responds to approximately 3,200 calls each year. These calls are very diverse in nature. They range from service calls (lifting assistance, house unlocks, etc.) to structure fires to special rescue to emergency medical calls. Our average response time is 3 minutes or less.
Rest assured that no matter what type of assistance you might require, we will be there to quickly help and protect you and your family as well as your property.

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