Customer Service & Utility Billing

Rate Tables


  1. Residential collection service is “mandatory” for all occupied households or households with other active utilities.  This includes any residence that retains city supplied cart(s) to comply with Oklahoma law.

  2. Fees shall be assessed on monthly utility statements to insure compliance with Oklahoma law.

  3. Weekly curbside collection shall be provided and billed to every occupied household for a monthly base fee.  Each household shall be supplied with one (1) “city cart”.

  4. Multifamily dwellings not qualifying for “shared container” services as provided in Section B shall be provided with “city carts”.

  5. Multifamily dwellings with “city carts” shall be treated the same as single-family dwellings for weekly garbage collection services.

  6. Weekly collection services may be increased by requesting additional city cart(s) for an extra monthly fee.  (2nd $2.50, 3rd $7.50)

  7. Seasonal cart(s) may be requested for a minimum of three (3) months subject to a pickup charge to return cart.

  8. Weekly collection services is LIMITED to city carts.

  9. Placement of city carts shall be within one (1) foot of the street/roadway before 6:00 a.m. on the scheduled day to assure collection.

  10. Late set out shall be assessed a go back fee and collection will be delayed until the following business day. $5-$10?


  1. Special provisions are made for Disabled Households.  This provides “beside the house carry out” service for a base monthly rate.  (Rate includes one city cart, HHW collection fee and State landfill fee).

  2. To qualify, all persons residing in the household must be physically incapable of rolling the city cart to the curbside.

  3. Documentation is required to qualify the household for this special service.  Please complete the form available at utility customer service and attach a statement from your health care provider stating you are unable to roll the cart to the curb due to a disability. The City Manager or designee shall make a determination regarding any request or waiver of modification.

  4. Special services for Disabled Households shall be limited to one (1) city cart.


  1. City of Bethany retains ownership of all carts issued and used by customers.

  2. Carts are routinely left at vacated accounts for use by new occupants.

  3. Customers shall be responsible for general care and cleaning of the carts while in their possession, i.e., occasional wash out with a garden hose, etc.

  4. Customers are expected to promptly notify the City of Bethany at 789-1193 of any damages or conditions of disrepair.

  5. Damaged carts are normally exchanged, and repairs are made at the City of Bethany yard.  Some minor repairs may be made on-site, i.e., replacement of a wheel or lid, etc.

  6. Carts requiring repair shall be left outdoors on non-collection days to facilitate exchange or repair.

  7. Maintenance of carts shall be the responsibility of the city, i.e., replacing wheels, axles, lifting bars, lids, or repairing cracked body shells or lids.

  8. Customers shall be responsible for replacement cost of carts where negligent or improper use is evident, i.e., cart melted due to disposal of hot ashes, concrete set up in cart, etc.

  9. Cart replacement cost will be billed on the monthly utility statement.  Cart prices are listed on the rate schedule.

  10. Carts are intended for use only in connection with the City’s solid waste.  Improper use of carts shall be prohibited.

  11. Carts are purchased to standardize collection methods.

  12. Carts are not available for sale or for use for reasons other than intended.  Customer-owned carts brought in from other communities shall not be serviced due to compatibility problems and liability for maintenance.  City carts are used to assess fees for services.

  13. Lost or stolen carts shall be reported to the City of Bethany and the Bethany Police Department 789-2323.

  14. Police shall complete stolen property reports.

  15. Carts are assigned to specific addresses with visual and Radio Identification (RFID) tag serial numbers.  Serial numbers are maintained in the City’s utility customer information software system.

  16. Missing carts are usually found and returned to their assigned address on the next scheduled collection day by City of Bethany workers.

  17. Carts not recovered shall be replaced at the City’s expense if the proper police reports have been filed.  If a report is not filed, the customer will be responsible for replacement costs.

  18. City of Bethany workers are not responsible for digging out carts when contents become stuck or lodged after the cart has been inverted into the dump position, or contents are frozen in carts during subfreezing temperatures.

  19. Overweight or overloaded carts will not be collected.

  20. Distortion resulting from overweight or improper use shall be considered negligent use resulting in the customer being charged for cart replacement.

  21. Lids need to be closed to prevent possible wind-blown litter.


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