Rules & Regulations for Solid Waste Services


  1. Residential collection service is “mandatory” for all occupied households or households with other active utilities.  This includes any residence that retains city supplied cart(s) to comply with Oklahoma law.

  2. Fees shall be assessed on monthly utility statements to insure compliance with Oklahoma law.

  3. Weekly curbside collection shall be provided and billed to every occupied household for a monthly base fee.  Each household shall be supplied with one (1) “city cart”.

  4. Multifamily dwellings not qualifying for “shared container” services as provided in Section B shall be provided with “city carts”.

  5. Multifamily dwellings with “city carts” shall be treated the same as single-family dwellings for weekly garbage collection services.

  6. Weekly collection services may be increased by requesting additional city cart(s) for an extra monthly fee.  (2nd $2.50, 3rd $7.50)

  7. Seasonal cart(s) may be requested for a minimum of three (3) months subject to a pickup charge to return cart.

  8. Weekly collection services is LIMITED to city carts.

  9. Placement of city carts shall be within one (1) foot of the street/roadway before 6:00 a.m. on the scheduled day to assure collection.

  10. Late set out shall be assessed a go-back fee and collection will be delayed until the following business day. ($10)

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