Medical Marijuana Business Process

If you are looking to have a Medical Marijuana business in Bethany,  you will need to follow the guidelines below. You can find the OMMA Certificate of Compliance for Businesses form at

Step 1 - Check Zoning.
Submit your OMMA Certificate of Compliance for Businesses form to the City of Bethany’s Community Development Department. We will check your proposed location’s zoning category to ensure it falls within city ordinance regulations. Medical Marijuana Dispensaries and Educational facilities are permitted to be in Commercial General, Industrial or Agricultural zoning. Growers, Processors, and Research facilities are required to be in Industrial Light or Industrial Heavy zoning. If your location is not in the correct zone, we will notify you. Check your location in advance by using our zoning map.

Step 2 - Call for Inspection. When all updates and renovations are complete on your building, call the Community Development Department to schedule an inspection of the property. All inspections and re-inspections must be scheduled by the business owner. Inspectors will not call to check on the progress of your building. A $50.00 re-inspection fee may be charged if inspectors must return to your property multiple times. To schedule a building inspection, call (405) 789-6005.

Step 3 - Pick up OMMA Form.
Once your building has passed the various inspections and all other requirements have been met, you will be contacted to retrieve your OMMA form. At this time, we will remind you of the processing fee that you will need to pay.

Step 4 - Provide Payment.
When you pick up your OMMA form, you will need to pay the processing fee. Please see the fee schedule below. Payment may be in the form of Visa, Mastercard, Check, or Cash. Please make checks out to “the City of Bethany”.

Fee Schedule
 Dispensary: $750 + state fee ($4.50)
 Processor: $750 + state fee ($4.50)
 Grower: $750 + state fee ($4.50)
 Research: $250 + state fee ($4.50)
 Educational: $250 + state fee ($4.50)

Step 5 - Receive Your Form and Permit.
Upon making your payment, you will be given your OMMA form, receipt, and a City of Bethany permit. This permit simply notifies the City of Bethany that you completed the OMMA process.

If you have any additional questions about this process, please contact the Community Development Department.

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