Carport Permit Application

City of Bethany
Carport Application
Complete the electronic form or print and complete a paper application below.  Paper applications must be completed in INK. Use back or additional sheets if necessary.  If submitting plans, provide TWO copies. Submit applications via email to , fax at (405)789-6093, or in person at 6700 NW 36th Street, Bethany, OK 73008. Contact Community Development at (405)789-6005 for questions.  Permits can be paid for by phone with a Visa or Mastercard, or at City Hall's drive-thru window with a credit card, cash, or check made out to the City of Bethany.
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Property Owner Information
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Location of Project
Provide a drawing of plans with dimensions of project and distances from the property lines. This will include design engineered drawings of the structure.
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The owner and or applicant are responsible for compliance with any and all building codes, City Ordinances, and restrictive covenants. City staff cannot authorize variances in building codes, City Ordinances, or restrictive covenants. Being issued a building permit is not a variance from any building code, City Ordinance, or restrictive covenant. The owner and/or applicant must verify all data and plans for compliance with any applicable requirement. (Rev. 9-6-01)
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Carport Ordinance 


(1)        When used in the context of § 159.025, carport means any accessory building constructed in conjunction with the use of a single-family or two-family dwelling and which is:

            (a)        Over a paved driveway;

            (b)        Abutting the dwelling to which it is accessory;

            (c)        Unenclosed, except for the one side abutting the dwelling;

            (d)        No more than 25 feet in total length, both within and outside the front setback; and

            (e)        No wider than 12 feet for a single garage and/or driveway or no wider than 24 feet for a double garage and/or driveway.

(2)        No more than one carport shall be permitted for each dwelling unit.

Special Exception


(5)        Carports, as that term is defined in § 159.002, may be allowed in the front yard setback as a special exception to this chapter, as provided herein, subject to the following restrictions:

            (a)        Carports shall not be erected or located closer than five feet inclusive of eaves from the right-of-way line of a public or private street.

            (b)        Carports shall not be located or erected closer to the side property line than the applicable side yard setback or the dwelling to which it is accessory, whichever is less.

If a special exception is requested the following will apply:

A special exception from the Board of Adjustments is required if you plan to construct a carport in your front yard beyond the building line.  If the plan is to build a carport in the front setback, please provide a current and certified list of all recorded property owners within a 300’ radius of the entire boundary of your property.  This current and certified list must be obtained from either a bonded abstractor or the County Assessor of Oklahoma County.

A special exception application fee of $625.00 plus notice of public hearing fee of $150.00 will be required at the time of application.

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