Driveway Permit Application

Complete the electronic form or print and complete a paper application below. Paper applications must be completed in INK. Use back or additional sheets if necessary.  If submitting plans, provide TWO copies. Submit applications via email to , 
fax at (405)789-6093, or in person at 6700 NW 36th Street, Bethany, OK 73008. Contact Community Development at (405)789-6005 for questions. Permits can be paid for by phone with a Visa or Mastercard, or at our drive-thru window with a credit card, cash, or check made out to the City of Bethany. 
Click here to view and print a paper application.

Property Information
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Valuation of Job:

Owner’s full address:

Description of Project
Please provide a drawing with dimensions of project. Show property lines and structures. Use back of Application or extra pages if necessary.

Contractor’s Information
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The owner and or applicant are responsible for compliance with any and all building codes, City Ordinances, and restrictive covenants. City staff cannot authorize variances in building codes, City Ordinances, or restrictive covenants. Being issued a building permit is not a variance from any building code, City Ordinance, or restrictive covenant. The owner and/or applicant must verify all data and plans for compliance with any applicable requirement. (Rev. 9-6-01)

Signature of Applicant:




1-    If existing gutter holds water the contractor shall notify the engineer before starting work.  The new work will not be accepted if the gutter holds water across the drive or on either side.

2-    The driveway contractor may saw cut and remove the complete curb and gutter section or the curb only on a 24 inch gutter section if the gutter is in good condition.  Remove all of gutter when connecting with 10 inch gutter. Saw cuts shall be 2 inch or 1/3rd the depth of the gutter, whichever is greater. Saw cuts shall include the top and face of curb as well as the gutter. Saw cuts shall be made prior to the removal of concrete.

3-    A 5 foot minimum radius is approved for on and two family residence not abutting a limited access or major street. All other driveways will have a minimum 15 foot radius.  A smaller Radius may be used for driveways on NW 39TH Expressway if ODOT approval is obtained

4-    Do not turn radius in front of adjacent property.

5-    Drive to be at least curb height 6 foot back of curb face. Drive may increase or decrease in elevation back of this point.

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