Food Trucks in Bethany

Bethany now allows food trucks and other mobile food facilities to operate in city limits. To do so, mobile food facility owners must obtain a Mobile Food Services License from the City of Bethany. This license will be issued by Development Services. The license fee is $200 for an annual license or $25 for a special event license. To obtain a special event license you must be participating in a special event permitted with the City of Bethany. The process for obtaining a license is below along with the application. Please be sure to read the Requirements and Conditions section and the second page of the application that lists the additional documents that must be submitted with your form.
     Submit applications to or submit it to Development Services at 6700 NW 36th Street, Bethany, OK 73008. For questions, call Development Services at (405) 789-6005. 
Mobile Food Services License Applications can be found here.

Mobile Food Services License Process
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