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Home Occupations
Complete the electronic form or print and complete a paper application below.  Paper applications must be completed in INK. Use back or additional sheets if necessary. Submit applications via email to Construction.Application@bethanyok.org , fax at (405)789-6093, or in person at 6700 NW 36th Street, Bethany, OK 73008. Contact Community Development at (405)789-6005 for questions.  Licenses can be paid for by phone with a Visa or Mastercard, or at City Hall's drive-thru window with a credit card, cash, or check made out to the City of Bethany.
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Applicant Information
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Business Information
Business Name:

Business Phone:

Business Full Address:

Describe the type of services to be provided (sales are not allowed):

Percentage of the gross floor area dedicated to the home occupation:
Are all people involved or employed by the business family members residing on the premises?
If no describe:

Describe rooms used in the conduct of the home occupation and how these rooms will be used:

Describe any part of the home occupation, including storage, be conducted outside the dwelling:

Expected number of customers or clients visiting the home per day:

Will commercial vehicles be used for delivery of materials to or from the premises:

Describe any mechanical and/or electrical equipment that will be necessary:

• A license will be issued once the license fee of $25.00 per fiscal year has been made and renewed on each July 1st.
• Review Section 159.002 Home Occupation of the Bethany City Code.
• Provide plans of any physical alterations to be made to the home.
I hereby certify that all the above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief

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Section 159.002 Home Occupation

HOME OCCUPATION.  A business which is carried on in a dwelling unit provided that:

(1)       The business shall be restricted to the providing or performance of services.  No on-site wholesale or retail sales shall be permitted.

(2)       The following businesses shall not be eligible for classification as a HOME OCCUPATION:

            (a)       Beauty or barber shop;

            (b)       Nursing home or clinic;

            (c)        Doctor's or dentist's office;

            (d)       Day-care center; or

            (e)       The repair of vehicles owned by someone other than the occupant.

(3)       No person other than members of the family residing on the premises shall be engaged in the business.

(4)       The home occupation shall have dedicated to its use not more than 20% of the gross floor area of the dwelling unit.

(5)       The home occupation shall not be conducted in an accessory building.

(6)       No mechanical equipment shall be used in the business, except for such as is normally used for domestic purposes.

(7)       There shall be no change in the outside appearance of the dwelling unit or any other aspect of the premises which would provide visible evidence of the conduct of the home occupation other than one sign, not exceeding two square feet in area, non-illuminated and mounted flat against the wall of the dwelling unit.

(8)       There shall not be more than one customer vehicle at a time parking off-street and no customer parking shall be permitted in the street right-of-way.

(9)       A license shall be obtained and a tax paid, as required in § 110.02.

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