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Do I need a permit?

Where on my property am I allowed to erect a structure?

How big of an accessory structure can I build?

How can I report a code enforcement issue that I have?

I want to re-zone my property. What do I need to do?

I'm going to have a temporary portable storage unit. Do I need a permit for that?

What is the definition of a junked vehicle?

Can I have horses?

My neighbor has high grass/weeds. What can I do?

How long can a vehicle sit without being driven?

Can my neighbor park in the grass?

What forms of payment are available to pay for permits, licenses, and cemetery lots?

How much are contractor(s) licenses?

How much do cemetery lots cost?

Who do we see to purchase a cemetery lot?

Who opens and closes a grave for funerals?

What are the City of Bethany's roofing requirements?

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