Bethany is rich in parks, with over 200 acres of maintained green space available for public use. Bethany has a total of 12 parks in the city limits. From large parks, such as Eldon Lyon, to small neighborhood parks, you and your family are certain to find a space to enjoy the outdoors. 

FAQ Pavilion Use FAQ

Q:           Do I need to rent a pavilion to use it?
A:           No, however if someone has reserved and rented the pavilion, then you will need to leave when they arrive.

Q:           How much is a pavilion rental?
A:            Pavilion rental is for groups of 100 persons or less. Pavilion rental prices vary. Please call public works for pricing. If more than 100 people will be attending it is considered a special event and a special event permit should be filled out. 
Please find the special event application here: v  There is no cost for a special event permit, however, special event insurance will be required. 

Q:           How do I rent a pavilion?
A:           Contact public works at 405-789-1133 and see if the pavilion is available on your desired date. Public works will advise you on payment.

Q:           Is Insurance required?
A:           If your event is considered a special event then yes, liability insurance is required. If it is a simple rental of 50 people or below then no insurance is required.

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