Big Trash

2020 Big Trash dates:
October 12-24

The City of Bethany's bulk waste cleanup happens quarterly. Each time, the Public Works Department will start on the North side of town and work south. During this the event, they will use heavy equipment on streets with limited space. For their safety and yours, we would encourage residents to seek alternative routes if you encounter cleanup crews between the hours of 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM. Please be advised that temporary street closures may occur and delays are possible. The following rules and guidelines should be followed by each residence wishing to participate.

Items that will not be collected:

• Tires;
• Refrigerators/Freezers or any other items containing chemical refrigerants;
• Paint;
• Oil;
• Pesticides;
• Batteries;
• Any Liquids;
• Asphalt Shingles;
• Propane Tanks or pressurized cans;
• Commercial trash;
• Any other hazardous materials.

Bulk Trash Guidelines:

• Each residence is limited to 12 cubic yards (equivalent to 6 washing machines in a row stacked two high) This has changed from the 48 cubic yard limit in previous years; each cubic yard over the 12 cubic yard limit will be $7.00; 
• All items must be placed within 12’ of the curb;
• Limbs and Branches should be placed parallel to the curb and should not be longer than 10’;
• Do not place items for pick up around fire hydrants, gas meters, under low lying trees or directly under overhead lines;
• Do not park cars in front of anything you want picked up;
• Do not stack trash against fence lines or next to mailboxes;
• Do not place waste curbside any earlier than the Friday before pickup

If you miss your opportunity for curbside pick-up, please feel free to use our Citizen Collection Station located at 5300 N. Central Ave. We will be open from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM M-F during the week of big trash pickup. Please bring your water bill and a photo ID for proof of residency.

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