Tree Limb Debris Removal

How long should my tree limbs be when I set them out?

Where should I put my tree limbs?

I'm a commercial business. Will you be picking up our limbs?

What will the route be for cleanup?

How long will cleanup efforts take?

How many passes will my street receive?

Is the City charging residents to pick up tree limb debris?

What if I want to drop my debris off at Public Works?

Will you pick up my bags of leaves during debris pickup?

What are my options for my additional bags of leaves?

What if I have more than just tree limbs that need to be picked up?

Can Bethany citizens pick up wood chips from the Public Works yard?

How are wood chips being disposed of?

Can the wood chips not be used by citizens for home projects?

How is the limb debris clean-up being funded?

Why are we using city funds rather than FEMA funds to cover the cost of the clean-up?

When will we receive the FEMA funds for reimbursement?

Why won't we contract out to receive help with this clean-up?

Why is it taking so long? Is there an estimation on when the clean-up will be completed?

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