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The Bethany Police Department provides the highest quality law enforcement service to our community, always focusing on our citizen satisfaction through professionalism and continuous improvement in our processes through efficiency and  employee improvement.
We strive to provide highly visible patrols to respond to reports of crimes, make criminal apprehensions, conduct traffic enforcement and provide a visible and physical deterrent to crimes.
Our criminal investigators follow up on crime reports in an effort to identify and apprehend criminals. The investigators process crime scenes and evidence. They prepare cases for presentation to the District Attorney for prosecution.
Our department is also responsible for operation of the City's 911 communication center. Our communication officers dispatch for Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services.

Help Us Help You!
We cannot address a problem we are not aware of. If you see something that does not seem right in your neighborhood, we can help. No one knows their neighborhood better than those who live there. Please do not be reluctant to call and ask an officer to check out something that seems suspicious. That call may prevent a crime or lead to the arrest of someone who has committed a crime.

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How to Contact Us
Dial 9-1-1
If you would like to call for an officer to check on a non-emergency issue, please dial (405) 789-2323.

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