Mayor KP Westmoreland will amend the COVID-19 state of emergency proclamation in Bethany to explicitly implement “Shelter in Place” from 11:59 p.m. March 28 through April 16.

This action is in unity with Oklahoma City, Tulsa and metro and surrounding cities.

The amended proclamation also incorporates Governor Kevin Stitt’s previous closures, providing for local enforcement of those measures.

Metro and surrounding city leaders want to leave no doubt with our residents that the safest course of action during this public health crisis is to stay home, unless you are engaged in an essential job, essential errand, or outdoor physical activity.

Mayor Westmoreland has been working with many other metro and surrounding city mayors, as well as the Bethany Emergency Management Team, to make decisions on behalf of the citizens of the City of Bethany, to work towards slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Mayor Westmoreland stated, “The united and collaborative efforts of city leaders and emergency management experts, has been vital, in dealing with this pandemic. Now we just need every citizen, to partner with us, by taking this order seriously.”

The “Shelter in Place” order is simple:

-Stay Home.

Exceptions to the order are as follows:

-You can shop for groceries, medicine, gas, repairs, and other essential goods and services.

-You can go to a restaurant for takeout or drive-thru service.

-You can go to the doctor and take care of other essential needs.

-You can exercise outside, including on sidewalks, trails and in public parks. -You can enjoy outdoor activities like long walks, bike rides and fishing. -Green spaces in parks are open. But all playgrounds are closed.

-City owned sports courts (basketball, tennis, pickle ball, etc.) are closed.

-You can go to work in an essential job. You can also do business with someone working in an essential job. Those jobs are defined by the State of Oklahoma, using the federal list and the list provided by the Governor (can be found on our website)

-You can drive, bike and walk. You do not need special ID or a permit. The Bethany Police Department is not asking people to prove why they are outside their home.

-You can work from home if you work in a job defined by the State as non-essential. You can also work with someone doing a non-essential job from home. Even if it is an essential job, employers are encouraged to allow employees to work from home if possible.

-Staff are allowed on site even at closed non-essential businesses for basic tasks like maintenance and security.

-You can check on someone in need.

-You can donate at blood drives, volunteer at food banks and participate in other disaster response activities.

-Staff can be at faith-based sites to record or broadcast services.

-Stay 6 feet away from others, for your safety and others.

-Wash your hands before you leave your house, and as soon as you get home.

-You can call the non-emergency police line if you have specific information about someone violating this order. Police may investigate. Officers will ask for voluntary compliance but may use discretion to issue citations if necessary.


Starting March 17, City Hall, Municipal Court and Public Works buildings will be closed to the public. The drive-thru will be open for questions only - nothing can be submitted via the drive-thru. 

 We ask that all payments, applications, site plans, etc. be made via the drop box. On your payment, please include your name and address, as well that you are requesting a receipt to be mailed. 

 Staff will remain as is and be available for phone calls and emails. 

 Additionally, the following services are being modified: 

 • Park shelter rentals have been suspended and the transfer station at Public Works is closed until further notice.
 • Building inspections will be limited to new builds only, unless its an inspection that affects immediate safety.
 • The fire department is suspending all station tours and visits from the firefighters to area schools and day cares.

 All emergency services, trash, water and sewer will continue to operate as normal. City Council meetings will be held via video conferencing and continue to be broadcast via Facebook Live.

Executive Department Amended Executive Order


Rate Increase Announcement

The Bethany City Council voted unanimously on March 3rd to increase the base water rate, base sewer rate and base trash rate by $10 each, which will total $30 for most customers. The rate increase will begin on April 1. This decision was made, in part, as an effort to help combat the budget deficit that was discovered in December. There are also ongoing efforts by the City to significantly cut spending and department budgets.

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