Bill assistance options for severe weather event


Due to the extreme temperatures and severe weather, many citizens will receive bills in the next month that are higher than normal. We want you to know that there are options for those people who had leaks on the residential side that were repaired during the severe weather event. If you receive a higher bill than normal due to a leak that was repaired and need assistance, please consider the following.

- Contact your insurance company or have your landlord contact their insurance company and inquire about filing a claim.
- Community Cares Partners is offering utility assistance. Please visit their website,, for additional information.
- The City of Bethany offers a cost sharing adjustment plan for leaks up to 30,000 gallons. In order to apply for this option, please contact customer service to obtain a form. This option is only available for repaired leaks and documentation is required. Cost sharing adjustment will be applied to only one month’s bill, while the leak occurred.
- The City of Bethany offers a payment plan for up to two months.
Please contact customer service to set up a payment arrangement.

The cost sharing leak adjustment is not available for higher bills due to dripping faucets. This option is only available for leaks where a documented repair occurred. As a reminder, this will not affect sewer averaging. Your sewer rates will remain the same for another year.
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