Boil Notice FAQs

**BOIL NOTICE FAQS** We will continue to update our FAQ's and any new information as it becomes available.

Q: Has the issue hit our water plant?
A: Our water plant has not been affected. The problem remains localized to the 7800 block of North West Terrace.

Q: Why is the city not going door to door to alert all citizens?
A: This issue remains localized to the area of the 7800 block of North West Terrace and has not spread. The City did go door to door in the area that has tested positive. The rest of the city remains unaffected. If you did not receive a notification on your door, your house is not currently affected.

Q: If the whole city is not contaminated, then why is the whole city on a boil order?
A: The Department of Environmental Quality mandates the whole city be notified and placed on a boiling order. The city agrees with DEQ that an abundance of caution must be taken.

Q: How were people notified?
A: The City of Bethany has used various forms of communication to us to ensure that you have received word about the boil order, including alerting new stations, placed on Cox Channel 20, placed on social media, placed as an alert on the city website, automated calls, personal contact in the area of impact and asking citizens to help spread the word to those who may not have access to communication.

Q: Why didn't we get notice sooner?
A: The city notified the public as soon as we were able.

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